Bible and Bike Packing List: 

Here is a list of suggested items to bring on the Bible and Bike. We will go over this list at our pre-departure meeting in detail. Not everything on the list is necessary for everyone, but this is what we find helpful:

A Bicycle: Most bicycles will be fine on the trail which is for the most part surfaced with fine crushed limestone. Experienced riders tend to prefer a hybrid (cross between road and mountain bikes) as thin tires can sink into the trail surface and make the going slow. People with mountain bikes tend to prefer hybrid tires or conservative mountain bike tires with just a little tread in the center and lugs on the edges to handle mud. Barring the extreme tire widths, any bike will work just fine. Be sure the bicycle, particularly the saddle, is comfortable. If you do your own maintenance, check the bike over before leaving. If you don’t do your own, take the bike to your friendly local bike shop for a safety check and tune-up.

--Panniers for storing things on your Bike

• Clothes to ride in
• Toilet kit
• Warm shirt or windbreaker
• Clothes for hotel or camp
• Wallet, ID, money
• Long-sleeved shirt, long pants
• Extra shoes
• Notebook, pen for journal
• Hat with brim
Choose clothes based on the weather you expect –
but take an additional warm layer.
One night is likely to be 10-15 degrees colder than you expect.

Personal items for daily use (carry with you or wear)
• Helmet
• Camera, film or cards
• First aid kit – Matches
• Bike Gloves
• Insect repellent
• Water bottles/hydration pack
• Jacket or sweater
• Sunscreen
• Rain gear
• Sunglasses
• Plastic bags
• Toilet paper
• Snack or energy bar
• Pocket knife
• Cell phone (emergency use)
Carry at least a quart more water than you think you need.

Bike equipment
• Bike
• Patch kit, tire levers
• Handlebar pack
• Bike lock
• Spare tubes
• Headlight, taillight
• Pump
• Tools (know how to use them)

Camping equipment
• Tent/tarp( if camping)
• Towel (small)
• Sleeping bag
• Eating utensils
• Plastic ziplock bags
• Personal Food
• Soap
• Extra water