Here is a packing list of suggested items to bring along on the Bible & Hike 2017. We will go over this list in detail at our pre-departure meeting, and are available to help answer any questions you might have until then.

·       A sleeping bag

·       A pack

·       A shelter—light-weight tent, tarp with ground cloth,  or hammock


·       2 synthetic base-layer T-shirts (dries faster than wool in damp areas)

·       2 pair synthetic hiking (or exercise) shorts

·       1 base-layer top for sleeping

·       1 base-layer bottom for sleeping

·       1 synthetic, breathable midlayer shirt

·       1 fleece

·       1 rainshell or poncho (VITAL!)

·       1 hat

·       2 pairs wool socks

·       2-3 Undies of choice synthetic (think exercise kind and chafing)

·       Good running shoes and you may want to upgrade insoles

·       Sturdy sandals or something for creek crossings


·       compass (optional)

·       First-aid kit (make sure it has blister dressings)

·       Trekking poles (optional)

·       headlamp or small led light

·       Camera (optional)

·       sleeping pad

·       Bandanna

·       camp towel

·       Lighter or waterproof matches

·       Bowl, spoon, mug

·       Water bottles/camel back

·       Extra carabineer and stuffsacks for hanging Food

·       Lip balm

·       TP, trowel, and hand sanitizer

·       Small Bible and pencil

Duct-tape wrap a few feet around something


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for three days of hiking.