Here is a packing list of suggested items to bring along on Community of Hope's Summer Mission Trip 2016 to Harlan County, KY. We will go over this list in detail at our pre-departure meeting, and are available to help answer any questions you might have until then.


- Two travel outfits for the drive down/back. 

- 5 days worth of shirts and shorts that you don't mind working in

- Two pairs of jeans for cooler nights

- A long-sleeve layer for cooler nights

- Pajamas



-One nice outfit for a church visit

-A hat/sunglasses to keep sun out of your eyes

-Comfortable, close-toed shoes (tennis shoes, converse, etc.) for daily use at the worksites. Must be a pair that you don't mind getting a dirty.

-A pair of flip flops

-Modest bathing suit


-Soap or body wash



-Brush, hair-ties for long hair

-Prescriptions and medications

-Feminine hygiene products if needed

-Bug spray


-Towel and washcloth for showers, plus a beach towel for swimming

-Wet wipes


-Sleeping bag and pillow, or sheets, blanket and pillow

-Bible, journal and pen


-Drawstring bag to carry with you to the worksite each day

-A refillable bottle of water 

-Camera (if you want)

-Phone and phone charger